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Miss Manchester is proud to support
Beauty with a Purpose and Cheshire's Children

Beauty with a Purpose was created by Julia Morley in 1972. It is at the heart of Miss World.

Hundreds of millions of pounds have been raised and donated to local and international organisations in aid of disadvantaged children the world over.

Variety, The Children's Charity, for example, has been closely associated with Beauty with a Purpose for many years. When Simon Cowell was honoured with the 2010 Humanitarian Award at the Variety World Conference in Hollywood, he kindly remarked that it was Julia Morley who should be collecting the award in his place, for her outstanding work as a humanitarian through Beauty with a Purpose.

Other causes to have benefitted from Beauty with a Purpose include the funding for Cleft Palate Teams in South America, Sri Lanka and Russia, three fundraising tours to support abandoned and neglected children in Vietnam, long term support for both Operation Hunger and the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Africa, and teaming up with Jackie Chan and the Chinese Red Cross in bringing financial aid to those most seriously affected by the Asian tsunami.

During the 2011 Miss World Final in London, Nelson Mandela presented Beauty with a Purpose with a special message which was read out by his grandson, Chief Mandela: 'It is indeed a proud moment for me to stand in front of you today to deliver a message of support from my grandfather Nelson Dalibhunga Mandela, former president of South Africa. Throughout his life, Nelson Mandela has supported humanitarian actions aimed at serving marginalised individuals and communities of our world. Nelson Mandela therefore salutes the Beauty with a Purpose programme which helps children worldwide and which also mobilises young people to be involved in their own country with a useful purpose to assist disadvantaged children. Nelson Mandela would like to extend a congratulatory message to the Beauty with a Purpose programme as you celebrate your 40th birthday and wishes that you grow from strength to strength as you continue with your work of empowering young people to be of service to their communities.'


‘Instead of trying to repair broken men, help build stronger children’
‘Show them we care; guide and inspire them to a better tomorrow’


We are proud to support Miss Manchester 2018 this evening; and are pleased to share our vision and invite you to join us in achieving our goals for all of Cheshire’s children.

With your help we are going to show them that Cheshire does care about its children; and just as importantly, Cheshire is willing to take the time to show it.

Any overheads or administrative costs are funded by the largest providers of security across the Heart of Cheshire; Stopfordian and West Valley; therefore 100% of donations go to the cause.

The idea of the charity stems from the fact that we believe in being proactive; we aim to show them they are cared about and inspire the children to make the right choices.

Let’s ensure that Cheshire’s children make the right decisions flowing from the right mind set.

Many children have to grow up in challenging backgrounds, difficulties with parents, education, families and friends involved in crime; this at a time when they are most likely to be influenced, as to how they will be as an adult; and in turn, how they will influence future generations.

Our aim is to assist and demonstrate to them that within their environment,they can be the catalyst for a different way of being, improving themselves, and those around them by breaking the cycle. Step by step becoming a new generation, where they change theircommunities for the better; with a little help from all of us.

A Simple start – Educating, Inspiring and Caring

Arranging two very different days, that are intrinsically linked; one of inspiration with a foundation of education; and the other of fun with a foundation of caring.

The children’s attendance at the educational day is their ticket to the fun days out; such as to a theme park and adventure getaways. Educational days involve subjects such as healthy eating, fitness and also inspirational speeches by people who can share their rags to riches stories; inspiring the children in a way that means they understand that it can be done; and that they can do it; and just as importantly, to help them nurture a new found respect, for those who have already done well and who now want to help them to follow suit.

Aiming higher – Uniting, Recognising and Rewarding

Following on from the simple start and the foundations made there; next is to forge links with local businesses and sports facilities, to find those relevant to each child’s development; and where necessary sponsoring them to achieve placements.

Re-affirmation that they are cared for

We have designed a ‘Cheshire’s Children’ charm bracelet; when someone buys a bracelet/charm, an identical bracelet/charm is given to an underprivileged child. They will know that somewhere across town someone is wearing the same bracelet as them, thinking about them; and that they are cared about


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